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Waikoloa Land Company plans to propose Kumu Hou: a hospitality development project on the existing footprint of the resort. If approved, this project will add affordable workforce rental housing, endowment funding for The Waikoloa Foundation and public parks and trails for Hawai‘i Island within the boundaries of our existing resort area, creating construction jobs as well as permanent hospitality career opportunities for the people of Hawai‘i Island.

A Sustainable Foundation for the Future

Like any successful business, a resort must continuously evolve. Tastes change. Priorities shift. New generations have new perspectives. Back in the 1960s, for example, formal dining rooms with white table cloths serving French cuisine were considered the height of elegance, even in Hawai`i. At some resorts, if a guest showed up without a dinner jacket, one would be loaned. In the 1980s and ‘90s Hawai`i Regional Cuisine swept in, creating new culinary stars and a dining expe- rience that was based on the uniquely multi-cultural identity of the islands. Nowadays, of course, dining is all about farm-to-fork with a strong and welcomed emphasis on locally-sourced foods.

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